Our history and evolution

This company was founded fifty years ago, in an environment characterized by depressed and mass emigration, came to consist of a family-growing nursery business. It began as a modest activity, immediately supported by the inspectorate of the province. The ever increasing size imposed on transition to the legal form of limited liability companies. They built modest offices and warehouses for the collection, processing and sale of rooted cuttings, can begin to raise awareness of our product to various wine-growing areas, over time, and the increasing work the nursery can meet the increasing production with new resources and facilities. The success that we currently enjoy our nursery, means that our plants need to put their roots in many wine-growing areas, enjoying the full confidence that our winemakers have in the our product, worked perfectly with the material selected for vineyards healthy, durable and high quality for the benefit of the winemaking world.

A nursery art
The importance of our nursery in the nursery sector is highlighted with a substantially increasing annual production of grafted. Our roots are spread a bit 'all over the world, but are grown in the province of Trapani, specifically in the town of Petrosino, an area particularly suitable due to environmental characteristics, growth and development of young plants. Environmental conditions but not sufficient to guarantee the quality of the product by product, if they were not accompanied by staff intent to control and product quality. Figures such as geneticists, plant pathologists, winemakers National Institutes of experts in reproductive problems of wine. In our work we put all the effort in the choice and selection; We have the experience of those who, with commitment and determination, has achieved the goals of good production and a continuing partnership with those who have chosen our ability to produce and over time we confirmed with absolute confidence.