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Collection of rootstocks
is carried out in December of various varieties from the Italian Institute for clones have the assurance of the absence of virus.

Working rootstocks (January)
Takes place in January, run the processing of the product collection from the fields of parent plants for the careful preparation of the cuttings for grafting, it is a very important phase of which depends on the success of it.

As is well known, the rootstock, which began as a means to defend themselves against phylloxera, has instead assumed the role of mediator between soil and climate and varietal characteristics. In accordance with this specific need different combinations prepare annually variety / rootstock in order to provide each grower the best product that meets your business needs. It 'worth noting that all the plants in the production of rootstocks were prepared using the basic material for production category of the national constitution.

 This allows the grower to provide the material to be proven safe and controlled source amnesty. Currently, according to the distinctive features have the following rootstocks:

Gruppo BerlandieriXRiparia   
Kober5bb, SO4, 420°

1103P, 779P, 775P, 110R, 140R.

Graft March (February)
In February, the grafting of slips running from the base of our vineyards and from the national or foreign. Le marze vengono innestate con il sistema omega. The scions are grafted with the omega system.

Force (March-April)
The override is in the storage of grafted plants in the greenhouse for a period of 15-18 days at a temperature of 30 ° C and a humidity of 90%.

Transplanting in the nursery (May)
In May, after a 'careful selection in the nursery or cuttings are transplanted grafts.

Cultivation of the nursery (June-October)
In the period from June to October is meticulously carried out the growth of plants through crop care, treatments, and trimming.

In November, are unpaved and select plants that will be packaged for sale and storage.